The Lines


Spelt hull pillows prevent from waking up with a stiff neck and help to keep the neck in the right position when driving long distances. These pillows can be used by pregnant women and also provide excellent support when breast-feeding a baby, being completely safe for the baby’s delicate skin. While asleep, they keep the spine aligned properly, helping the body to relax. Spelt filled pillows are also perfect for meditation. 

I have developed a special line for children and newborns, for example our range of products includes nursing pillows, pillows for cribs, strollers and car seat covers for children. 

Besides the standard products, the firm also produces custom-made pillows, mattress pads and futons.


1- Lie your head on the pillow and make sure that spelt husks fill the part of the pillow that’s under your neck.

2- Do not rest your shoulders on the pillow, either when sleeping on the side or on your back.

3- Do not put the pillow into a too tight case, otherwise spelt husks can’t move inside the pillow and massage the body. Use only the provided pillow case or one of the same size. 

4- The provided pillow case can be easily removed and machine washed.

5- After you have cut out the labels, you can warm up the pillow in the microwave at a medium temperature for max. 1 minute. Do not warm it more than twice daily, otherwise the pillow can’t readjust to the right rate of moisture.

6- The pillows can be warmed up by putting them on the heater or be frozen by putting them in the fridge inside a plastic bag.

7- The pillows should be fluffed daily in order to help the scent diffuse.

8- Do not wash the pillow itself but only the pillow case. It can be machine washed at 30°C.

9- Spelt filled pillows should be exposed to the sun or frozen in the refrigerator for a couple of hours in order to keep them fresh.

10- Pillows should be re-purchased every five years. 

11- Follow my instructions. I take no responsibility for natural wear and tear, improper use, accidental damage, incorrect maintenance or alteration of the product.